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cheapest insect control company

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The most important advantages of the best insect control in Riyadh [url=]شركة مكافحة حشرات بالمزاحمية[/url]

It is characterized by a team equipped with the highest level of engineers, experts and workers with efficiency and high degree of service
The company offers a guarantee of 3 months and 6 months on all types of control through the company
German and Italian made pesticides and conductors are safe for health and have no side effects or damages
Operates annual contracts and text annually and quarterly [url=]شركة رش مبيدات بالمزاحمية[/url]

All control and spraying of pesticides is carried out under the supervision of a group of supervisors and professors in that field
The latest airbrushes, adhesives, stickers and equipment used in spraying and control operations
Quality, accuracy and speed in the Tadia business [url=]شركة الانوار لمكافحة الحشرات[/url]

Free follow-up work on the control work done through the company
The most important tools and materials used
First the tools

1 / Devices used to emit waves to determine the location of insects

2 / Used modern spray sprays

3 / used Al Fawjer device

4 / Used adhesive plasters

Second, materials and pesticides

1 / Hydro Carbon Chloride (DDT)

Scientific tests have proved that this material produced very good results with certain insects; such as those insects mosquitoes and cockroaches and flies and the effect of this article is immediate;

2 / Diazinon

Is one of the most powerful and effective pesticides in the fight against insects and the safest to health There is no harm to health and safety on children

3 / DVD

These pesticides are used to control all kinds of flying insects

4 / Mullahs

Used to eliminate crawling insects and bugs

Safety precautions followed by the company insect control company in Riyadh:
Rely on pest control specialists and know the chemical effect of each pesticide used
Use nasal respirators during spraying
Evacuation of houses in case of having to use certain pesticides in some cases
Customers were advised not to touch the sprayed areas, and to wash hands in case of accidental contact
Alert customers to keep children away from the effects of pesticides
How to exterminate through the company:
When we take over the task of exterminating insects in a house or somewhere in Dubai Towers; Several steps are carefully and carefully implemented as follows…
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