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The article coMadden NFL 23 used

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# 05.10.2022 - 04:37:18

There's nothing called"signing bonus" or "signing bonus" in relation to an endorsement contract. The endorsement contract is all that's needed. Once you sign the agreement in exchange for money -- or in the case of Lawrence that's crypto. While the use of this term in sports is not a huge deal however, this is where things went off the rails. Following the Blockfolio press release, USA Today aggregated the announcement and the confusion began.

The article coMadden NFL 23 used the term "signing bonus" which was given within the Blockfolio press release. Then, it blended it with Lawrence's actual Madden NFL 23 reward for signing with the Jaguars in reporting it to be $24.1M and relying on Spotrac as a source."The presumptive number. one overall selection during the 2021 Madden NFL 23 draft, almost surely headed to Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars, has partnered with a cryptocurrency investment app known as Blockfolio and plans to transfer his signing bonus into an account with the company."

"According to Spotrac, the signing bonus the No. 1 choice is estimated to be $22.630.055." So now we have an endorsement contract with Blockfolio, probably not much in comparison to other endorsement deals, which was paid directly in crypto . And now it has been linked to Lawrence's enormous Madden NFL 23 signing bonus from the league. However, it's been misrepresented that money was placed into crypto. Whether an honest mistake, or just an attempt to make a story more sexually appealing, we're at the same point: an endorsement deal with a crypto-related company was paid in cryptocurrency, and that's all there is to it.

On Tuesday, one of the writers for the Sun Sentinel took information published by Coinjournal as well as an account of a tweet that poked fun at the Jaguars QB. Of the course, it's true that it's not true -and there's absolutely no proof that Lawrence put his $24M in crypto. This was however mentioned in several stories claiming that Lawrence has fumbled the bag however this was not the scenario.

All good news. There is no reason to be concerned about anyone who loses money, even as a form of schadenfreude. Trevor Lawrence is a really charming guy, and it makes me sick to think he didn't get the biggest payday of his career in football -- but instead he probably only lost a little bit of that original endorsement deal. This is a bummer, but far from being a disaster.

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